For the launch of the first cloud-based total IT solution a website is to be designed that brings the product closer to the customer and builds trust. Intuitively easy to use, and the features should be quick and easy to find. The product is aimed at freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. The visual language needs to be clear, dynamic and trustworthy at a glance.

A website is developed that reflects high quality and security. The colors and lettering are adapted to the existing style guide. A slightly rounded sans serif web font and secondary colors are added to create a harmonious overall look and increase recognition value. The grid ensures consistency and elements can be used variably to give the user an overview of all product features. All in all, a contemporary and professional appearance that builds trust with the customer and inspires them to launch the product. We create an ideal balance between strong content, high-quality design and functionality.
What Clients say
"Annika was instrumental in building and designing the roove website. She works with a lot of patience and attention to detail and I look forward to more projects with her."
Mark Beyer / Co-Founder / roove
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UI/UX Design

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